Information about Pupprrr

How it works

How Pupprrr works

Pupprrr is easy. The basic principle is just like Uber or Airbnb (but way more fun).

  • You choose the dog you want to play with, you book with them and their owner, and you go have an awesome time playing with dog.  
  • Dog owners get some cash to help with the expenses of taking care of their dogs, the joy of sharing their awesome dogs with others, and a fun activity to do with their dogs. 
  • The dogs get much-needed exercise and extra affection.  
  • Everyone gets to meet cool new dog people and help rescue dogs by doing so (a portion of all revenue goes to shelters and organizations that work with rescue dogs). Below are some tips to help make that process even easier, and don't hesitate to reach out with questions!

Dog Lovers Booking a Playdate - 
1) Filter based on city (under categories) and desired meet-up location to find the dogs available near you.
2) Click on the photos of dogs to see their profiles and access the booking feature.
3) In your booking request, please put the time and date you would like to meet up.
4) Go enjoy the playdate!
5) After the Playdate, mark it complete.

Dog Owners - 
1) If you are interested in offering playdates with your dog, message us and we will get you set up! 
2) Make sure you are careful in setting the times you are usually available.
3) Here at Pupprrr, dog owners set the price per playdate (think Airbnb). 
4) Once you get a booking request, please accept or reject it promptly!
5) Enjoy!

Again, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We are Pupprrr. We love dogs.

- The Pupprrr Team